Including iOS SDK in your project

You can include iOS topoos SDK Source Code in our project following the steps below:

Step 0 – Download topoos iOS SDK

  • Download the iOS SDK Source Code from the repository (download page).

Step 1 – Import into your project

  • Copy SDKtopoos folder into your project

  • Drag SDKTopoos.xcodeproj file into your project. It will add a project that contains all SDK classes.

  • Now, edit your scheme by adding two new targets to your build:
    SDKtopoos and SDKtopoosResources

  • Go to Build Phases and add two target dependencies:
    SDKtopoos and SDKtopoosResources

  • Go to Link Binary With Libraries and add libSDKTopoos.a

  • Drag bundle from the copied SDKTopoos / Products / SDKTopoosResource.bundle into Copy Bundle Resources

  • Finally, go Build Settings and add this command into User header Search Paths:

Step 2 – Your project is ready

  • Import the classes that you need into your project

  • Learn more about how to use it, or download some examples.