Your first app on topoos with topoos SDK

1. Register yourself as topoos developer for free

The first step you must take to use the platform topoos is access topoos developer panel from the following link.

Once inside the site, you will check into the system. To do this, click on the button “login” at the top right.

Click on the button “register”, introduce your account data and topoos will send you an email for account verification.

Finally, follow the steps mentioned in the email and access to the platform.

2. Create an app in topoos

Go into the developer panel and click on the button “My Apps” and then on the “Create new App”

The platform will redirects you to a page where you have to select which type of application you want to create (“Web application” or “mobile application”).

In this case, you must select mobile app option. To do this, complete the basic information of your app requested by the wizard.

Accept the terms of use and privacy policy and click on the “save” button.

Now you have created your first topoos application, as you can see in the following image the platform provides the necessary tokens that your app must use to get topoos authorization when it performs calls to the API (CLIENT ID, CLIENT SECRET, APPTOKEN ADMIN, APPTOKEN USER).

You will need this values in the next steps, for more information go to this page.

3. Installation topoos SDK

Once you have created the application on the platform, you must download the topoos SDK and use it in your android app.

To do this, download the latest version of the topoos SDK available.

4. Usage

First download the application example from the following link.

After, you will open this example and include the previously downloaded SDK file. To do this, import the project in Eclipse and drag the SDK file into the libs folder.

Finally, change the CLIENT_ID in your recently imported demo project with your own CLIENT_ID (obtained in the Step 2 of this guide) to create your topoos app.

Run the project: your first app is able to log in topoos!

From this point, you can use all topoos operations which includes the SDK within your android project.

To see the different available operations go to the following address.

Or you can just download more demo examples and try other operations.