Users can be registered and managed in three ways:

  • topoos OAuth 2.0 provider: the user can identify himself and authorize apps to get and record data in his topoos account. In this case, the user may revoke this access in any time via the users panel. Learn more about this process here.
  • Client membership provider: your app can manage its own users database easily, without developing signing up, log in, log out, retrieve userspassword reset and others features in your app (topoos API will do it for you!).
  • By combining both providers: your app can allow both signing up methods, topoos oauth 2.0 provider and client membership provider. You always can manage your own membership users, or instead you can allow users to be able to manage their apps in the topoos user panel.
In all cases, you will get an access token that represents the user session in your app. You can  get info related with the specified Access Token or a User Identifier.

Note: User identifier is common to all applications for the same user.