Track operations allows your app to register tracks easily (register user positions grouped by session).

When you are going to register a track, the first that you need to do is create a track, then you are able to configure it and start to register positions in it.

Track registration example

  • TRACK REGISTRATION: As first step, you must create a track context by adding a track. You will get a unique Track identifier as operation result.
  • ADD RULES: This second and optional step allows you to configure the new track by adding rules on it, such as setting geographical bounds.
  • ADD POSITIONS: Now the track is ready and you can start registering positions on it, using Add Position operation and specifiying the track id as parameter. The Track is not started until the first position is registered.
  • ADD TRACK END POSITION: When your app considers the track is end, you must register the last position on it with TRACK_END identifier as position type to close it. A closed track will not accept registering more positions on it. The track can be closed by other reasons, like when there were no positions registrations for a long time.