All users of your app can register and request POI but you can only update or delete them with an Administrator Token. Because of this, users that detects a fault in any POI data can register a POI-Warning on it, for requesting the fix to the Administrator.

POI-Warnings may be of four types:

  • CLOSED: Mark as closed or nonexistent.
  • DUPLICATED: Marked as a duplicated POI.
  • WRONG_INDICATOR: The POI is incorrect or inaccurate (the user can specify new coordinates).
  • WRONG_INFO: The POI information is incorrect or incomplete (the user can specify new information).

All of them appear as counters when you requests POI. If your app detects that the number of POI Warnings of any kind is high, you can use the POI Warnings operations for request info about them, process them manually or automatically in your app and delete the processed POI Warnings.