Upgrade the point of interest with the new information provided.
To delete the value of a field, you must include the parameter in the call, but without providing a value (null).
To update the value of a field, simply include the parameter and provide a new value.
If lat or lng is specified, the fields Address, Cross Street, city, country, and postalCode that are not specified in the call automatically generate try substituting the value that had previously.



Available Format


HTTP Method


Accepted Version



Administrator authorization.



  • access_token: (Required) access_token to user resources.
  • poi: (Required)  POI identifier we want Update. Integer.
  • geocode: (Optional) Try to geocode the specified lat and lng, to fill unspecified attributes. Default value: true. WARNING: This default value will be deprecated at 15/05/2013; if you need this functionality, you must specify explicit true value.
  • lat: (Optional) (can’t be null if it is specified) latitude of the new position. Required if specified lng. Decimal.
  • lng: (Optional) (can’t be null if it is specified) length of the new position. Required if specified lat. Decimal.
  • accuracy: (Optional)accuracy of the position (latitude, longitude). Decimal.
  • vaccuracy: (Optional) accuracy of the elevation. Decimal.
  • elevation: (Optional) elevation relative to sea level. Decimal.
  • categories: (Optional) (can’t be null if it is specified) IDs of the categories to which the POI belongs, separated by commas.
  • name: (Optional) (can’t be null if it is specified) landmark name. String. 255 characters.
  • desc: (Optional) landmark description. String. Maximum 1024 characters.
  • address: (Optional) direction of the point of interest. String. Maximum 255 characters.
  • cross_street: (Optional) cross street. String. Maximum 255 characters.
  • city: (Optional) City landmark. String. Maximum 100 characters.
  • country: (Optional) status. String. Maximum 100 characters.
  • postal_code: (Optional) ZIP code. String. Maximum 12 characters.
  • phone: (Optional) telephone number. String. Maximum 20 characters.
  • twitter: (Optional) userid or Twitter hashtag. String. Maximum 50 characters.



JSON example reply

    "id": 6902,
    "name": "Recoletasupd",
    "description": "Monasterio",
    "latitude": 40.953107,
    "longitude": -4.123233,
    "elevation": 0,
    "accuracy": 0,
    "vaccuracy": 0,
    "registertime": "2013-01-11T09:04:16.903+00:00",
    "categories": [{
        "Id": 21,
        "Description": "carreras",
        "is_system_category": false
    "address": "Calle del Doctor Velasco 26,40003 Segovia",
    "cross_street": "Calle del Doctor Velasco 26",
    "city": "Segovia",
    "country": null,
    "postal_code": "40003",
    "phone": null,
    "twitter": "#Recoletas",
    "last_update": "2013-01-11T09:04:23.753+00:00",
    "warnings": {
        "closed": 0,
        "duplicated": 0,
        "wrong_indicator": 0,
        "wrong_info": 0