POI-Point of Interest

Operations related with Points of Interest (also called POI Operations) allows your app to register and recover specific points locations that your app may find useful.

For example, you can represent the location of hotels, restaurants and mountains.

The key when you work with POI is precisely the categories selection, because when you register or recover POI you must specific a category filter (because of this, you must preregister these categories that you will use in your app before using POI). You can read an example about this in the Categories Operations description.

When you register a POI, you can specify several data fields, like name, description, address… and other tags. If you don’t specify POI address, topoos will try to generate it automatically from the specified coordinates.

All users of your app can register POI but you can only update or delete them with an Administrator Token. Because of this, users that detects a fault in any POI data can register a POI-Warning on it, for requesting the fix to the Administrator.