Including Android SDK in your project

You can include topoos Android SDK in your Android project in Eclipse in a few steps:

Step 0 – Download and install Eclipse and Android SDK

Step 1 – Download and Import topoos Android SDK in Eclipse

  • Download ZIP or clone project from GitHub repository from here
  • Place it in into your Eclipse workspace
  • Open Eclipse and select menu File > Import > Android\Existing Android Code Into Workspace
  • Clic “Next” button, select “Browse” in the next window and choose the recently downloaded topoos Android SDK folder
  • Check “Copy projects into workspace” and clic “Finish”
  • Finally, select Project > Clean… to recompile

Step 2 – Configure topoos Android SDK project as library

  • Right clic over SDK project and select Properties
  • Into Android tab, check Target “Android” API Level greater than 8 and “Is Library

Step 3 – Reference it into your own project

  • Right click over your Android Project and select Properties
  • Go into Android tab, and choose “Add…” option
  • Select SDKTopoos library project and accept changes

Step 4 – Your project is ready!


Q – I’m getting error when I reference topoos SDK into my project. Eclipse console says: “Found 2 versions of android-support-v4.jar in the dependency list but not all the versions are identical”

A - The android-support-library is inside your project/libs folder and SDKtopoos/libs folder, but versions are not the same. Replace both libraries with the same version (most recent).

Q – I just added SDK to the libs folder and I’m getting error ”java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: topoos.AccessTokenOAuth “.

A – To solve this problem, open your project build path configuration window, and set libraries in this order:

topoos build path order

build path order