Using topoos

When you got a valid Access Token, your are able for using topoos.

For it, you must include that Access Token in the parameters required by each transaction, as defined in API References.

All topoos API Operations are invoked by calling the service endpoint https:/ including the parameters needed by the desired operation.
For example, if you want to get the current location of the user who is accessing the application with the current Access Token (access_token), you will need access to the following resource:

The response to this request will be a KML document with the last known position to the user identified by the access_token.

If you want display it on a map you will need only give this resource to the GoogleMaps API, because being a KML document, it will extract and interpret geographic data to represent it on the map.

Similarly, your mobile application can parse API response KML or JSON and process information more conveniently.

Format of URL access to a resource

As shown in the example above, the URL can be broken into several fragments that are arranged in a coherent formula and facilitate understanding and allow intuitive access to the operations, according to the following scheme.

{protocol} :/ / {service} / {version} / {operation}. {format}? {parameters}

  • {protocol}: topoos enables secure access to operations API allowing https protocol.
  • {service}: service domain in which the operation is defined to be carried out. In our case will be for LBS api services and for OAuth and Digital Id Services.
  • {version} API version we are using as specified in API References. For example: 1.
  • {operation}: Operation name to which you want to access. The operation may include different fragments separated by slashes, and identify groups of operations in which it is defined. In the example above, this fragment was: positions / get.
  • {format}: The operation format specifies the format in which you want to get the answer. Accepted formats are defined at operation level. In the example shown it was kml format.
  • {parameters}: parameters included in the request as defined in API References.

Now you are ready for start with topoos reading API References, or you can continue learning about topoos fundamentals in this guide.