Registering Your App

Before accessing topoos services is essential pre-register the application in developers panel, to enable topoos identify and provide some control over the security and data access.
This data is provided by topoos developers panel when you create a new app:

  • CLIENT_ID: Application identifier (also called API_KEY).
  • CLIENT_SECRET: Application secret code of access to resources, for use in OAuth 2.0 flow.
  • APPTOKEN_ADMIN: OAuth access token with Administrator authorization.
  • APPTOKEN_USER: OAuth access token with User authorization. It is useful for single-user apps and testing.

You can get all those keys and tokens for get access to all services provided by the platform, as you can read in API References.

For register your app and start develop it on topoos platform, you only need SignIn on Developers Panel site.

We recommend you read more guides about topoos essentials when you get your CLIENT_ID.