Obtaining an Access Token

topoos OAuth 2.0 provider method

topoos implements the OAuth 2.0 protocol to ensure communication of your app with its services. Because the OAuth 2.0 protocol need an valid OAuth Token to sign all requests, you also will need it for use topoos.

A OAuth Token identifies your app and one single user.

If your app is single user you can stop reading this section, because you got a valid access token called “APPTOKEN_USER” when your registered your app in Developers Panel. In this case, continue reading the topoos usage guide.

If your app is multi-user and you must identify them, then you will need know about the OAuth 2.0 basics, you can read our guide about using OAuth 2.0 in topoos in this link, or you can read the OAuth 2.0 specification.

You can continue learning about the usage of API tokens and others topoos fundamentals in this guide.

Client membership method

You can also register your own users in topoos by using the REST API methods, for example, when you want to customize your login or register views, or get better control over your membership data.

Users REST API operations work like any other in the topoos platform. Learn about this method in the user operations reference page.