Privacy Considerations

topoos hosts several applications that access to same platform and enjoy the same capabilities: but each app needs its information isolated from others.

Therefore, the first privacy consideration is that an application can not act on or read data of the others, in fact can not access it.

This rule has some exceptions, such as topoos users and Points of Interest (and categories) defined by the platform.

topoos users are common to all applications, and if the user decides to change any of his profile data, this will be updated for all app that access that profile. Similarly topoos provides a catalog of Points of Interest and point of interest categories defined by the system, that you app can use, but you can not update or delete them, and if this info is updated all apps will receive these changes.

The second privacy consideration is that all application data is public for all app users.

This means that if the user called Sergio registers a checkin in topoos using your app, the user Manuel that also is using your app may read the Sergio’s checkin.

If you want to limit the privacy between users in any way, for examplo avoiding that Manuel can knows where Sergio is, but if Sergio and Manuel are family, you must implement this privacy layer in your app.